Overview: Colostomy/ Ileostomy

1-piece system

Karaya 5 Seal Ring

Slight-convexity with bacteriostatic properties with microporous collar, neutralizes skin natural PH and mildly adhesive so a Karaya 5 skin barrier requires tape or a belt to hold it to the body


Karaya 5 is a natural skin barrier that is particularly well suited for skin problems or for sensitive skin where reactions may have occurred to other types of skin barriers. Karaya 5 seal rings have unique chemical properties that help prevent the growth of organisms that could be damaging to the skin. Karaya 5 seal rings are also slightly convex (approx. 2mm) and help fill in around stomas that are flush, recessed or retracted.

Moderma Flex

The Moderma Flex skin barrier with air space technology has numerous indentations, that allow the peristomial skin to rest and recover with each application without compromising adhesion. The skin barrier is designed to vary the position of in-contact-skin with every application. Moderma Flex closed and drainable pouches have a very effective activated Carbon filter with special barriers to resist liquids and oils thus ensuring longer filter life. The pouches have a Non-Woven Comfort Backing for the ultimate in patient comfort.


Compact pouches come in a variety of discreet shapes and sizes to meet all lifestyle needs. All pouches feature Hollister's exclusive thin, lightweight and flexible SoftFlex skin barrier that delivers the highest measure of comfort. The skin barrier molds perfectly to body contours, adhering strongly, yet gently giving the impression that you are not wearing a pouch at all. The pouches provide peace of mind to the user through features developed by Hollister to improve control and dignity.


2-piece system